Cast of Characters

Stories like these are hard to fathom unless you lived it or witnessed it with your own eyes. That’s why we are looking for people to help us re-enact some of the scenes. Below are some of the main characters and the roles they played.

Some of the characters are identified using their initials in reverse order. However, the documents that are being utilized to create these scripts are based on public records which we obtained through lawful channels or from reliable sources. Efforts will be made to protect the identity of those whose involvement played a key role in the events that took place, but, as a volunteer-run organization, we currently don’t have the resources to undergo the time-consuming and technology-intensive process of redacting names from public records, which we are not legally required to do. These documents were not only relevant to the recreation of events that took place, but serve to reduce or eliminate any confusion that may have been caused by disinformation spread by those possibly involved in illegal acts of retaliation, fraud, and cover-ups and worse.

For our first re-enactment,

Dr. Kimberly Mucker Johnson, MAIN CHARACTER, Black female educator who was demoted from her counselor position for standing up against the abuse of Black children.

HM, white principal who led the crusade to get Dr. Johnson removed from her school.

KC, Black principal who replaced Maria Holmes upon her retirement and who finished the job.

SK, white Kindergarten teacher who exhibited harmful behavior toward Black students, according to lawsuit allegations.

FJ, white Kindergarten “anti-racist ally” teacher who reported what she witnessed and who was threatened and possibly retaliated against, as a result.

HO, JCPS Labor Relations, Black man, who continuously denied Dr. Johnson proper due process

Marty Pollio, Superintendent who was informed about these injustices but chose to remain indifferent, except when he signed Dr. Johnson’s demotion paperwork.

AG, white woman who tries to use her privilege to bring Dr. Johnson’s story to district leaders, the media and anyone who will listen.


White women to play Dr. Johnson’s attorney, reporters

White men to play JCPS attorney, reporters

Black women to play other teachers in the building who were not interviewed, parents, gatekeepers

Black men to play student’s father, reporter, gatekeepers

Students of all shapes and sizes are encouraged to participate, with parents’ permission. Other characters will be added as time allows or as interest from the media and general public arises. Submit your audition tape or photo to for consideration for future roles.

If you are interested in auditioning for one of these parts, you can do so from your own home using a greenscreen backdrop. Regardless of where you live, send us your picture, age, gender, as well as a resume of your acting experience (include video links if available), if any, to and we will send you an audition script via reply email. Your audition tape may even be used on our website without additional callbacks necessary. If you’ve got it, you’ve got it!

Thank you.

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