On October 18, 2019, SK sends an email informing Dr. Johnson she will be filing a grievance against her. Click on the article below to see how the rest of the conversation actually went.

This was in retaliation for Dr. Johnson having reported SK to Child Protective Services when the district administration ignored complaints that several staff members made about SK supposedly calling her Black kindergarten students “monkeys, dummies and little shits.” The district decided to conduct its own investigation and in doing so, they interviewed several Maupin staff members. Curiously, they did not interview Dr. Johnson, a key witness, or other Black educators who would have confirmed these events had taken place. One of the white educators they interviewed was a teacher we call “FJ.” Despite providing 2 and a half hours of testimony of all the things she had witness SK say and do, when we received a copy of the investigative report via open records, we discovered that it contained just a short report on her testimony. In an interview we did with media later that day, FJ informed us that her testimony had been altered and misconstrued to make it sound like she said she had NOT heard FJ say these things “in front of” the students, as if that was the extent of the complaint. The complete report is below. Be sure to listen to the interview we had with FJ and other Maupin teachers and parent where she tells us about how she felt like she had gotten everything “off her chest.” So when she found out her testimony had been altered, she was very upset. When asked how to report this injustice, internal investigations advised her to go through her principal and union representative. The same principal and representative who have helped facilitate the dead-end investigation in the first place? No thanks.

But wait, there’s more! SK must have heard that FJ’s testimony had been revealing, even if it didn’t make it into the report. Why else would she have sent this “smoking gun” piece of evidence that serves, not only as a threat, but as a confession of the harm they conspired to cause Dr. Johnson? Click on the image for more information.

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